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Set a fitness goal, be perseverant and focus.
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Now that you got your motivation going, is time to set a fitness goal. Your goal does not have to be something extreme. In fact, it is better if you set something realistic and in short-term period.


For example:


If you are trying to loose weight, set a fitness goal to loose ½ or 1 pound a week.

This way you will see progress and will not get discourage.


If you are looking to build muscle, measure your body parts like chest, arms and legs with a body measurement tape. Then compare the measurements every 2 weeks. You might not see the changes, but numbers will not lie.


When you are trying to get ripped and toned, take photos of yourself and compared them every 2 weeks.


Set your fitness goal, be constant and perseverant to reach your goals.

Set a Fitness Goal!

Set a fitness goal, be perseverant and focus.